Our Work

Tysvar’s Health Care Practice

New for 2011, Tysvar’s emerging health care practice offers advice and counsel to companies and organizations operating in health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, long term care, health information technology, medical device and clinical care management.  The firm’s network of subject matter experts are proficient in multiple aspects of the health care industry, including business strategy and planning, actuarial and risk analysis, claims processing, customer service, clinical care management, sales, marketing, public policy, media and communications.

In the health care space, Tysvar is currently working with EO Funktion, a Norwegian manufacturer of walking and standing aids for disabled children, to introduce its products here in the United States.  The firm has also recently been engaged by the Healthsense Care Alliance, a consortium of nursing homes and an assistive technology manufacturer, to help develop a strategic plan for their new partnership.

Tysvar’s Clean Technology Practice

Since 2009, Tysvar’s Clean Technology practice has provided strategic advice and counsel to companies and organizations operating in the emerging clean technology industry, with a special focus on new forms of clean energy and green manufacturing processes. The firm’s network of consultants and business advisors provides a range of services to small andmedium-sized companies, including business strategy and planning, evaluation of new technologies and manufacturing processes, and support with sales, marketing and distribution.

Among the various clients Tysvar is currently working with are Prediktor, a manufacturer of software solutions that make manufacturing and production processes more efficient, Hybrid Energy, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly industrial heat pumps, and AquaFence, which manufactures transportable flood protection barriers that can be rapidly deployed when there is a recognized danger of flooding.