Our Vision

Tysvar is a privately-held strategic advisory firm focused on emerging business opportunities in the new green economy and health care.  We provide support to the people and organizations developing the health care and clean technology solutions for the 21st century global economy.  Our goal is to help create a healthier, more sustainable world for the next generation.  Tysvar was founded in the Spring of 2009 by Lois Quam and Marius Hansen.

We believe the New Green Economy will produce high quality jobs, improve America’s national security through energy independence and prevent the damage being caused by climate change.  Through our work as strategic advisors to small and emerging businesses, not-for-profits and academia, we seek to bring the New Green Economy to scale, foster innovation and seeking new ways for governments and the private sector to work together more effectively.

We believe health care should be available to all, and that reform of the health care system in the United States is fundamental to maintaining America’s economic strength and competitiveness.

Lois Quam named Tysvar after the majestically beautiful area in western Norway, Tysvær, which was the hometown of her grandfather, Nels Quam. Grandfather Quam, born Nils Kvamme, was a Norwegian immigrant to America, following the example of Norwegian-American pioneer, Cleng Peerson, who led the first group of Norwegians to the U.S. on the wooden sloop, Restauration in 1825.  Today, Tysvar is actively new partnerships between American and Norwegian companies to help grow the New Green Economy and improve health care.