Hello, and welcome to Tysvar.

Founded in the spring of 2009 by Lois Quam and Marius Hansen, Tysvar is an independent, privately held, Minnesota-based strategic advisory firm working with companies operating in health care and the new green economy (NGE).

Our mission at Tysvar is:
•    Bringing scale to the New Green Economy
•    Universal health care reform

We are a strategic advisor and incubator of ideas, organizations and people working to facilitate and build the NGE to scale, which means our goal is contributing to a viable, profitable and socially responsible industry of sustainability, clean technology, and renewable energy sources.

We work with select investors with the capacity to bring into place the full scope of new clean energy companies, combinations and industries required to earn a premium return over time given the changing climate. Tysvar works with investors who can create the change they wish to see in the world rather than simply reacting to events as they unfold.

We are also deeply committed to helping achieve universal health care reform, especially in rural, underserved areas, and are interested in taking on a project in this area.

Our founder, Lois Quam, named Tysvar, after the majestically beautiful area in western Norway, Tysvær, the hometown of her grandfather, Nels Quam. Grandfather Quam, born Nils Kvamme, was a Norwegian immigrant to America, following the example of Norwegian-American pioneer, Cleng Peerson, who led the first group of Norwegians to the U.S. on the wooden sloop, Restauration in 1825. Today, and maybe not entirely coincidentally, Tysvær is becoming a clean technology hub as part of Norway’s growing NGE leadership.

Which brings us back home to our company, Tysvar, and our three areas of focus:
•    Scaling the New Green Economy.
•    Staffing the NGE with the best and brightest people anywhere.
•    Contributing to a successful and on-going Norwegian-American NGE collaborative.

We are on an exciting adventure here at Tysvar, conscientiously working to play our part for a more sustainable world for the next generation.  Come join us, and we’re glad you’re here